Since every lock is different neither can every language transfer be the same.
I will provide you with different services that you can choose
for your specific language lock.


A translation is the written language transfer of documents. These can be letters, books, certificates, presentations or articles. As a translator I invest the time to read your text, understand it and then translate it. Because it is not just about translating words but about translating ideas and the meaning of the content.


Unlike in translation, interpreting is the oral language transfer into another language. There are several kinds of interpreting such as consecutive interpreting, in which the interpreter starts interpreting after the speaker has finished talking. Additionally, there is simultaneous interpreting in which the interpreter interprets at the same time as the speaker talks. As a trained interpreter I will start by advising you, which kind of interpreting is best for you and your specific situation. I will accompany you to court proceedings, doctors’ appointments or other bureaucratic affairs. I can interpret during phone or video calls, video conferences or during negotiations, fairs and exhibitions.


Transcriptions are written records of the spoken word. They are often handier than audio or video files since they are not as bulky to be sent and received. Furthermore they are easier to read as well. You can choose if you would like to have your transcript in the source language of the file or as a translation. No matter for which purpose you need the transcription, I will take the time to go through the different options with you to make sure you are completely satisfied with the results.

Proof Reading

Two heads are better than one, which is why an additional proof reader is essential to check a translated text. I am not only checking the consistency and integrity of its content but also grammar, spelling and the natural sound of the finished text. So that in the end you get a truly perfect result.

Editorial Tasks

Sometimes you can’t think of the right words to say and are left with a blank page (or screen). As a first step we will discuss what you need and which audience you want to address. Regardless if you are looking for a product description, letters, web content or articles: I will fill your pages with content and life – to fit your precise requirements.