About me


Regina Maria BrodmannMy name is Regina Maria Brodmann. I have founded RMB Languages in 2016 and am a highly qualified translator and interpreter.

I have a bachelor’s degree in “Interpreting for Courts and Public Services” from Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Science in Germany.
Afterward I did my master’s degree in “Interpreting and Translating” at the Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh in the United Kingdom.

I have many interests and am very open-minded. Again and again this has allowed me to learn new skills. In turn a few specialities have emerged:

Translator traveling in ParisOne of my biggest passions is travelling. Therefore the field of tourism is very important to me. On my travels I visit the most important sights of the diverse countries, of course. But I also get to know the mentality of the people, their culture and traditions. This way I gained extensive intercultural skills which help me in the language transfer.


culinary, about me, personal informationThe field of culinary is a personal passion that I like to educate myself professionally and personally. I am a passionate cook and like to cook dishes that I have discovered on my travels and in foreign-language cooking books. Moreover, I have worked many years in the food industry and have an extensive knowledge about the field. Furthermore, I regularly attend whisky and wine tastings.


MongabayAs a volunteer translator for the popular online magazine Mongabay.com I gained additional experience in the field of environmental studies. Ever since I started to get a deeper knowledge about this field and have made my life more environmentally friendly.